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Aida the Green Interpreter

A graduate in Translation and Interpreting and Applied Languages from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC-UVic/UCC), and Mallorcan at heart, I live in Glasgow, Scotland. From here I provide translation and interpreting services in Spanish, Catalan, English and German (I will be gradually adding BSL and Romanian).


My fields of specialisation are varied: renewable energies, climate change, sports, and humanitarian development. 

I combine my work as a translator and interpreter with teaching: I work as an associate lecturer on the degree in translation and interpreting at the UOC-UVic/UCC, and I also teach at AulaSic, and ISTRAD. I am also a member of Asetrad, ITI and BDÜ, associations that have contributed towards shaping and teaching me the values with which I believe in.



These are the sectors in which I have specialized in throughout my career, and continue to deepen thanks to my ongoing collaboration with different clients in the market:





- Translations of products for athletes

- Translations of information brochures on healthy habits

- Translations of sportswear for runners and cyclists

- Interpreting at the European Parliament (Seville, European Capital of Smart Tourism)


- Interpreting at COP26 (Glasgow), COP28 (remotely)

- Interpreting for several

renewable energy companies

- Interpreting on circular economy

- Interpreting for companies in the biomass and biogas sector

- Interpreting on WASH and water management

- Translation of forest fire risk reports

Translations on electric trucks and hydrogen batteries

Transcription of videos on hydrogen generation

- Interpretations for governmental bodies

- Interpreting for NGOs

- Interpreting for refugees and asylum seekers

- Translations for international NGOs in the field of humanitarian development and inequality


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Aida the Green Interpreter. Translator and Conference Interpreter (2020 - present)

Associate Lecturer on the Degree in Translation and Interpreting and Applied Languages at the UOC/UVic-UCC (2022-present)


Teacher of the Translation Course for Renewable Energies EN > ES at AulaSic (2022 - present)

Teacher of the Course on Public Services Telephone Interpreting ES < > EN at ISTRAD (2022 - present)




Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting and Applied Languages with English, Spanish and German (UOC/UVic-UCC)

120-hour course in Simultaneous Interpreting ES < > EN (Trágora formación)

Course on Circular Economy (UNITAR)

British Sign Language Course (BSL, University of Glasgow)



Mother tongues: Spanish and Catalan

German course level C1 (Goethe Institut) 

French course basic level (City of Glasgow College) 

Romanian course (self-study)


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